Mocha Pro UI in 21:9 wasted screen space

When using Mocha Pro 2021 (on Linux) on a 21:9 (2560*1080) display I end up with a lot of wasted screen space. I seem to be able to move the Layer and Property tabs around freely, however the Parameters/Dopesheet tab can only go above or below the video space. I have tried shrinking the Whole mocha window and undocking the Parameters tab but the minimum width still has a lot of empty space and cannot go off-screen so it still ends up covering the same amount of screen space as if it were docked.

Ideally i would like to have the video/timeline centered top to bottom, the Layers and Property on the left, and the Parameters on the right.

Does anyone know of a solution I’m not thinking of, or could the software be updated to be less restrictive?

Thank you.

This is most likely a feature request – currently, I do not believe there is a way to separate the Dopesheet from Parameters or dock into smaller spaces. If you have 2 monitors set up you can move them as floating windows. @martinb might already have this logged as feature request.