Mocha pro ui scaling makes it unusable

I’m using the latest mocha pro ofx plugin under windows 10 with fusion as a host.

I’m using a dual monitor set up but one is UHD and the other is HD

Fusion fails to auto rescale its ui so in Preferences > user Interface > appearance I force the UI scaling to 2x(200%)
Unfortunately when I launch the mocha pro UI it appears at 4x scale and is basically unusable.

When I set fusion to Preferences > user Interface > appearance I force the UI scaling to 100%
mocha pro UI appears fine .

Is there a way to set the mocha ui scale independently of fusion ??

Hey Ken, which version of Mocha are you currently using?
(The specific version number, i.e v8.0.3)

Mocha Pro Plugin 2021

Version 8.0.3
Build Date Mar 15 2021

I’d like to try reinstalling mocha next, but I can’t find any documentation on this.

Is there anything I need to be aware of ( like trashing my license ) or is it pretty straight forward?

If you are reinstalling, you should not have to worry about your license, but if you are paranoid, you can always deactivate your license before installing new software. Find license control inside Mocha Pro under help>

Thanks for the version info.

You can force a scale with a Mocha environment variable.
Try creating MOCHA_QT_SCALE_FACTOR in your environment variables and set the value to 1.
What is your Display scale set to in Windows?

Awesome that fixed the problem . Many thanks.

My windows display scale is set to %150

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