Mocha Pro v 1.61 (6.1.1) bug in Vegas Pro 16 (Win 64 bit)

I recently upgraded Mocha Pro from previous build to current build v 1.61 (6.1.1). When I track a layer, Mocha appears to drop/lose all frames that were not tracked. Meaning, after tracking some frames and giving a dialogue that it could no longer track, all frames on either side of the successful tracked part are now black. Windows 10, Vegas Pro 16 (, Nvidia RTX2080 driver

Link to screen capture.

This looks like a bug we have been seeing in Vegas, looping @martinb in on this. Stand by.

Yes, I can confirm I’ve been getting the same in VP16 Build424. I “assumed” I was doing something wrong. Otherwise MP19 is a speed demon using the GPU.

Here are my specs: PC 10 64-bit 64gb * Intel® Core™i9 - 3.3GHz * 40Gb NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070.

Ditto. I’ve experienced the same thing in VP16 b424 - once only I think - and thought I’d just messed up my MP (6.1.1) settings.

I’m glad to hear that it’s a known issue.

Hey all,

This is a Vegas-specific problem and we’ve got a fix for it incoming in maintenance update v6.1.2. If all goes to plan you should see the update by next week at the latest.

I’d like to get hold of the Update. Would this also work for VegasPro17?

I’ve tried to use the Update in preferences for this, but I get an error message?

Please advise,


It’s still coming. Expect very soon.
So far it appears to be working fine in Vegas 17 but we haven’t flagged official support for it yet until further QA is done.

Martin, are you aware of the I/O Tab, with the NEW Hardware Selection Button in VP17?

Whilst this will a boon to many, please have your Team QA that part too. I’ve found that having my NVIDIA accepted makes for a sweeter experience.


Martin? Does 6.1.2 maintenance update fix this issue?


Martin, still getting Black Frames.

Please advise.