Mocha Pro v4 Lens Module not pasting correctly in AE CS6

I’ve recently upgraded to Mocha Pro v4, Windows 8.1 64 Bit. I’ve run the Lens Module on a clip and pasted the data in AE CS6. The mocha lens effect shows up in AE but the image sequence does not undistort. I ran the same clip and parameters in v3 and it works as designed. I thought that maybe I needed to update my mocha lens plugin for AE, but the only version available is 1.0 released on 2012-11-05. I verified that the Lens Module itself is working as I can display the planar grid and it does distort as I expect. Does anyone else have this problem? Did the data format for the lens module change? It’s very frustrating.

Ok. I saved the two versions our to text files and noticed a difference between the two. Version 3 has the type set to 2, where version 4 has type set to 0. So I drill down to all of the parameters in the mocha lens plugin and notice that the type from version 4 is set to no distortion. If I change to 1-Parameter it undistorts the image as I would expect. I verified in version 4 that 1-parameter was selected at the time of export so I think it’'s a bug that the type doesn’t transfer correctly. I even changed the type in the text file, copied to the clipboard, and pasted into AE. It worked correctly.

Hi there,

Thanks for letting us know.
We have fixed this problem in the upcoming 4.0.1 patch which will be out soon.