Mocha pro vegas plugin: Tracked X-Spline layer doesn't show up in Vegas pro

Vegas pro: 18
Mocha pro plugin: 8.01
I’m pretty new to Mocha, so I’m sorry if I can’t explain my question properly
I am using Mocha pro through Vegas pro as a video event FX plugin. I have several layers tracked in Mocha and they are all visable in Mocha it self. When I save it and go to see the results in Vegas pro, some layers are invisible and don’t show up in the Vegas pro preview. I checked if there are any differences between the layers that show up in Vegas and the layers that don’t, but I couldn’t find any dissimilarities.

This has happened multiple times to me and I usually just start the track from scratch, but this time it’s too big of a track to do over. I can’t help but believe that there is some obscure option that I selected that is causing said layers to not show up.

Hi there,

Let me tag our Vegas expert, @vincentm_e8c60 and see if he has seen this before.