Mocha pro view matte not working (premiere pro)

if the clip is slowed the view matte doesn’t work… its just a black screen

but if you change the clip to the original speed the view matte works which sucks because i need the clip to be slowed

Yes, you can’t retime many plug-ins and have them work well without rendering, usually. But you can try nesting the Mocha track in Premiere and then applying a retime and seeing what that gives you?

Let us know if that works for you?

If not, render your video out with your Mocha Pro applied matte and an Alpha and then retime the render.

I can also ask @martinb if he has any suggestions.

Yep, nesting is the way to go here. We look at the original source clip, not the retimed clip, so you need to nest it to be treated as a source clip again.