Mocha pro vr object locking


I’ve been trying to “locking on” an object in vr. With this I mean that the object stays in middle of the shot no matter what the movement. I succesfully tracked the object but when i stabilize the footage it does rotate the whole image when the object crosses the 360 camera. I’ll include a example of whats going wrong and what I’m trying to do.

The example is done by hand with the gopro fx reframe pluging. But i would like to do this with the mocha tracking information. I managed to track the ball perfectly but cant get my head arround it in how to translate the information to a similar camera movement as the example above.

Much thanks in advance for any tips!

I think for a ball you’d still have to do a lot by hand even if you used Mocha tracking for this. There’s not enough texture or pixels for Mocha to really grab onto well. You’d still end up using manual tracking for the movement and then using the reorient to get the same camera movement.

I managed to track the ball without to much problems. The tracking was perfect so thats not the problem. I just need to find a way to translate the tracking information to the gopro fx plugin.

Mocha Pro’s 360 tracking is done in a “lens calibrated” space, so the tracking data coordinates will not match the GoPro plug-in. Mocha’s 360 tracking is designed to drive internal Mocha modules for 360 tasks (object remove, stabilize horizon, or masking).

In the past, some uses would use Mocha in a non-360 mode in combination with cube maps to access Mocha tracking without the lens calibration. In this manner you could be able to expression link the Mocha track to the GoPro plug-in. Hope this helps.

Ah so basicly I should try the track the footage as a “flat video”. And after the locking turn it into a 360 perspective? I’ll give that a try as soon as I get the chance. Thanks!

If you want to repurpose Mocha tracking with other plug-ins on a 360 project, yes.
Also to point out that if you simply wanted to stabilze the 360 view on the ball in 360 you do have the option of tracking, then hand animating the Hortizon stabilzation in Mocha Pro/VR reoriwnt module.