Mocha Pro with Blender and AE for face tracking

Hey all, I’m considering buying Mocha Pro but I have a few questions and want to make sure I understand the process.

I want to track footage of someone’s face and body and sync it up with 3D objects in Blender. The footage is a locked camera shot where the face and body are moving and it hasn’t been filmed with tracking in mind, so there are no markers. The body moves a little, not too much, but the face does rotate from 3/4 left to 3/4 right and back a few times.

As I understand it, Mocha’s camera solver will export FBX data to Blender. But when it’s in Blender it will be moving the camera while the 3D models will be stationary. If that’s so, how do I know if the sync is working? Can I import simple 3D objects into Mocha to see if it’s syncing correctly or do I need to render out a quick draft of the sequence in Blender and composite it with the original footage in AE?

The process, as I understand it so far, is tracking in Mocha Pro >> export FBX to Blender (2.79) >> render out sequence from Blender >> composite original footage with rendered footage in AE (2018). Is this the best way to approach it or is there anything you would do differently?

Mocha can work in both directions to generate a camera, then provide a moving object in 3d space:

  1. You must first track the camera scene. In this case, you literally just need to track the static background, NOT the person in the shot
  2. Then, solve the camera for the tracked scene
  3. Track the face.
  4. Select the face layers and choose export camera data

This will generate an fbx file that will contain the camera, but also the moving 3d nulls for the tracked face.

I would highly recommend you grab the trial to see if it works for you.

An alternative to this method is MochaBlend, which is a specific tool made by Good Spirit Graphics for using Mocha export data in Blender:

Okay, so I track through Mocha >> import to Blender with MochaBlend >> check sync using movie clip as a background plane in Blender >> composite in AE?

So I see these training resources on the Boris page. Should I be good with these or do you know of any other tutorials that might be more specific to my project?