Mocha Pro workflow in Fusion with linear light

Hi, does anyone have a workflow for using Mocha Pro in Fusion with linear light? The colorspace settings are greyed out and my image is dark, so should I use nodes to add gamma before and remove it again afterwards or am I missing something? Thanks, Andy

I would definitely use a node before mocha to add gamma and then launch mocha for tracking.

Thanks Mary, I’ll use nodes. Out of interest, do you have any idea why the colorspace settings are greyed out?

Right now the Mocha plugin acts as a conduit for the clip, so Input color = Output color.

This is the main reason the colorspace tools are greyed out, because adjusting those settings changes the clip, which means the renders on output would also be affected.

Rather than rely on users remembering to restore their gamma or log settings in the Clip module before they close the Mocha GUI, we felt it was easier to give users the control in the host.

We have had a few requests to just allow it to be used anyway for power users, so we’re considering it.