Mocha Pro3 and Adobe CC

Hi There,

We just upgraded to Adobe CC and will be upgrading next year to Mocha Pro 4. But right now we are still on Mocha Pro 3. Is there any way to make Mocha Pro 3 launch out of Adobe After Effects CC or will it only work with Mocha Pro 4 and not 3?

If you own mocha Plus or mocha Pro, you can open these products from within AE. To open mocha Plus or mocha Pro inside of After Effects the same way mocha AE opens from After Effects, simply go to mocha>file>preferences and open mocha’s preferences. Check “track in AE” and close mocha. Restart After Effects and use Animation>Track in mocha AE as you normally would. The Plus or Pro version of mocha will now open the same way mocha AE used to.

I’ recommend upgrading during the Black Friday Sale this week if you’re thinking about upgrading. Take advantage of the upgrade path discount and the 30% off.