Mocha reacts totally strange and destroys the tracks

Hi there,

this really get on my nerv !
I track something in Mocha AE.
After the basic Track come the fine tuning - and there the problems start:
after some adjustments in the “AdjustTrack” section (Classic), that works fine for some time, the Planar Surface corners jump to a different location - although they have keyframes ! It destroys the whole Track of the whole sequence ! Its not usable.
Also: if the Track works fine within Mocha, I save, go to AE and if I return to Mocha, the Track is also destroyed: the corners of the Planar Surface are shifted !
I tried to find this issue in the internet, but got no solution.
I also tried this with GPU on and off - same result.
That happens on my old Mac Pro 5,1 with Nvidia and also the same on my new MacBook Pro M1 Max with the newest AE.
This application was so good once, but now its not usable anymore.
What is going on ? I lost so much time for nothing.
Can you please help me out, Team ?

Hi there,

I am going to have to see what you mean. It sounds like the surface is going behind the camera. What version of Mocha and what version of Mocha AE?

Let me know and I will be happy to help.


Hi Mary,

latest Version of AE and Mocha.
Happens also in AE 2021.
No. Not a tracking technic with behind the camera thing.
It happens in every situation ! Its a bug.
Once I edited a Track, at some point the 4 corners of the Planar Surface go mad - like they have an own live…
Also, if I edited a Track successfully, save and leave Mocha and return, the Track looks shifted !
Its a Bug I guess.

When the surface corners go mad that is the surface going behind the camera BUT you’re right, if it is consistent it is a bug and we should let @martinb know about it.

I‘m sure it is.
If I am in that situation, I try to screen it and then you can see this strange - and very frustrating - behaviour.

We’re going to need to see either a project file or a video where you’re seeing this happen, or reproducible steps, otherwise, this is going to be hard to help. If it suddenly changes, there’s going to be a reason.

Are you only using AdjustTrack classic or have you used the new AdjustTrack approach?

Hi and sorry for the delay - I had some work to do and was in a deadline.
I uploaded a screen cast of the issue. Just watch it and you see what I mean:


As I mentioned before in the first post: sometimes the Track looks good, but by re-entering Mocha to adjust the Track, it is also shifted.

Hope you find this useful.

well…yeah… thanx for the response, but it has nothing to do with what I wrote.
The problem happens with every footage.
Also another AE-User I know is also reporting the same strange behavior.
I’m not talking about a tracking technic here, I’m talking about a bug.

I see the problem in your video. Thanks, this helps.

Following what goes on in the video, I can’t reproduce it (yet), but we’ll file a defect and see if it can be reproduced by QA.

When you use AdjustTrack transform instead, do you see the same problem?

Hi Martin,

could you figure out, what the problem is ?
I need mocha in most of my jobs and actually, its quite annoying to work with this bug.

I haven’t use AdjustTrack transform yet, but will give it a try.

I’d highly suggest using the more intuitive transform adjust track, especially since you can adjust rotation without needing to adjust all 4 corners.

As to reproducing the original problem, no luck. Can you send me that clip you were using in the example?