Mocha Remove Artifacts

Dear Mocha Community,

Is there a way to reset/remove previously tracked/removed data completely without artifacts in mocha other than starting a new and fresh project and create all splines again?

When i track and remove and then decide to change the spline shape/edge softening/cleanplate and remove again, i get corrupt renderings. As if the previous track and remove data is still influencing the new setup.
often i get very hard remove edges around my cleanplate, although the splines’ edges are very soft and “technically correct” as far as i follow the documentation. i usually always create a new project and start over because in fresh a project it works like a charm.

i deleted the remove and cleanplate clips inside clips and created a new cleanplate.
Also checked windows explorer to make sure that the files are gone.

Is there something i missed and has to be deleted/cleared from cache?

Thanks !
Kind Regards,

I know of what you speak. I’ve often just deleted the mucked spline if the other layers were still working fine and that usually does the trick. Not sure what the best workflow to fixing some seemingly simply things w/o it “augering in”. You might want to adopt making a safety copy of a tricky layer before tweeking though.

There’s also deleting keys using the Dope Sheet. Use CTRL Mouse Scroll Wheel to zoom in & out on the keys range.