Mocha remove not removing


I’ve tracked my foreground and background ( a ring and a hand), hit render… it rendered, but nothing changed in Mocha or after effects. Is there something else I need to do to see the finished results? Didn’t get any error messages and it said it completed successfully

thank you


please help! I’m on a deadline


Did you make a cleanplate? Need more info.

Have you watched the tutorial movie on the MochaTV page? The one with the kid wearing the blue nike t-shirt.


Are you a new user or have already done a successful Remove in Mocha Pro? Need more detail to help. Perhaps upload some screen shots.

Does a clean frame exist in the shot? If it doesn’t, than you will need to generate at least 1 clean frame in a paint application like Photoshop.

Here is a link to Mocha clean plate videos:


did not make a clean plate… didn’t know that was mandatory… thought it could just take from the background layer… have not watched the tutorial… will do that right after lunch


I’ve been using mocha pro for a while for tracking… but this is the first time I’ve tried the remove module. I thought a clean plate was an option and that it could create from the background that’s been tracked


The only time you don’t need a cleanplate is where there are clean frames somewhere before or after object that you’re removing. Sounds like you’re removing a ring from a finger so you need to tell mocha what it looks like under that ring. You don’t need a cleanplate if your foreground object moves through the frame and there are frames available before or after that shows mocha what it looks like under the object you’re removing.


thanks for that info Andrew, how did the stop sign in the manual get removed? I was under the impression that mocha just used the grass around it to fill in where the stop sign was… no? They don’t mention the use of a cleanplate to get that done, or at least I didn’t see it


There are times that I’ve had better luck with a shot like this using INSERT instead of REMOVE. Try using INSERT and import your cleanplate as the insert channel. You’ll need to click the ALIGN SURFACE TOOL so the insert gets inserted over the entire frame. Then use the ring track layer as the mask for the insert.


If you want top send me the project, I could look at it this afternoon. Or provide screenshots to describe your issues. Again - the remove module will only use clean areas IF they are found in the other frames. It is not doing in-filling (like Photoshop content aware).

If using 1 clean plate, your top layer (on the ring) should be a larger feathered shape and not a tight roto shape. OR as Andrew suggests, an alternative approach is use Insert.


thank you Andrew;

so, let me be sure I have this straight, I make a small plate of just the ring finger without the ring; insert it on top of the ring in the frame, then tie it to the tracking of the ring. Do I have that right?

thanks again


Sort of. You can do it all inside Mocha. You only need one track - make it a spline that goes around the ring with enough room to add a soft edge and set the value of the soft edge.

Make a cleanplate using preferably your first frame. Click the Align Surface tool (the square at the top with the diagonal arrows pointing out) That way, your cleanplate fills the entire frame, not just the area of the default surface tool. Use that image as your insert source and set the mask of the insert to the spline that you drew.

I find this method easier for the type of “remove” you’re trying to do. Drawback is that it doesn’t to the lighting adjustments that the remove module is capable of.

Full Disclosure. I’ve only been using Mocha for a few months and I teach a motion graphics and animation course at a University. At times I find it fun to try to answer these forum questions. I take no responsibility for the accuracy of my advice and do not speak on behalf of the amazing Mocha Team, BorisFX or its subsidiaries. :joy:


thank you Andrew;

appreciate the advice AND the disclosure :slight_smile: