Mocha remove not rendering

Premiere Pro using Mocha Pro Add-in. Clips initially generated in Adobe Prelude…

I have a clip in Premiere Pro.I am removing 2 birds that are flying across the video. The rendering in the Mocha Pro is perfect. I render the clip complete and everything looks great. I save and go into premiere pro. I turn on the rendering and select the replace modual. I select the clip, click “Render and replace”, make sure the “Effect” checkbox is marked. The clip renders, however the replace did not work. The birds are still there?

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Neal,

Which version of number of Mocha is this?

Version 6.0.3 build 29.ge687ee832d2a

Hi Neal,

You may be experiencing a bug where two layers removing at the same time was causing issues.
I suggest upgrading to the new patch 2019.5 (which should fix this problem), or waiting a few days and upgrading to 2019.5 v6.1.1 when it is released early next week.