Mocha REMOVE plate adjustment workflow

Hi Folks,
I have to remove a drone shadow… a car passes thru during the shot.
How can I have the remove module ignore the material that’s been roto’d around the car?
So far my workflow has been to animate/adjust the before and after frames.
I wonder is there a more efficient way to do that , given Mocha’s layer based approach.
Unsure how to order my layers to ignore the car as fill material

Have you ever used clean plates in Mocha Pro?

I have been in situations like you describe where you have to animate the frames Before/After setting in Remove module. There is an interesting technique where instead of “keyframing this parameter” you render 1 remove the frame, and save this as a clean plate. Advance 60 frames or so, render another good frame, make that a clean plate, etc.

I think this video covers that workflow:

Beware if you use this technique, the default Mocha workflow is “auto-keyframe” mode and you’ll want to remove the keyframes when you go back and render with “clean plates only”.

Thank you very much for this answer!
The shot is gone and good anyway, I have not tried the plate module… I must try it out.

No problem… yes the clean plate module is very useful - especially for the shots where the remove object is always in frame. The clean plate workflow is also a big time-saver for long renders.