Mocha removel then use after effects to blend mask

hi i have used several footages and in some part of the scene when i use removal tool i se the plainer goes white because of light changing in scene , sun light etc , now after i have completed the removal process this creates lots of matts and removal matt .


now i import them both and set the correct comp setting to both them mat and add them to current project all looks good , now main part is blending the mat mask how do i do it what tools should i use, i only want to blend the spliner mask outer area , just to be clear the spliner in mocha that we add points to each places to track i just want to mask them out nicely so it looks blended in

Hi there,

You’ll probably want to feather the mask to blend them in, you may need to remove the grain and match it too, overall, to get a seamless look.


thanks mary wil try this now cheers.

here is the update from what am doing take look at the image what am trying to remove.


the grey border i need to some how eliminate it so it blends in well with the body of my object please tell me how can i go around doing this.

Copy the mocha spline out of the track tab in “export shapes” and paste it into ae using “paste mocha mask” and feather it, you might also need to adjust the lighting to make it match.