Mocha Removing a car leaves a shimmer

Hey, I’m new to Mocha Pro. I tried many of the remove tutorials step by step but still cannot get a good remove. Without doubt they always leave a weird shimmer where the object was. I’ve tried this on three different driving scenes, all with the same result. Here’s a video of the product.

Any ideas to help?

Hi There,

Check your track, that looks like your track is off. When you track the road, try tracking ONLY the grass using “add to x spline” in the x spline tools to grab different areas of grass all on the same Mocha layer, not the trees or cars on the road. Then link a new BG layer to the Track layer in Layer Properties under the “ink to track” dropdown menu.

Turn the surface tool on, align it to the road, and make sure it is locked to the road on your new linked BG layer and then you can be confident about your remove. The surface tool represents what the track is doing accurately.

Make sure the shadow of your car is totally inside the remove shape too.

Try that and let us know.

Hey Mary, thanks for your help. The grass suggestion made it about 90% better. It now just kind of looks like there’s a really faint shadow moving across the road. The shadow is in the very middle of the track, so I know the problem isn’t that it doesn’t encompass it. Any ideas on why this may be happening?

Try using only frames before or frames after in the remove module. Depending on your version of Mocha Pro, there was a remove bug that was causing that line in the middle. You could also increase blending to see if that helps.

Try that and let me know.

I will try both of those. Thanks for your help on this!