Mocha road tracking issue

hi there i want to learn how to track road i see many tutorial but all people track front,left,right but anyone not create toturial for road tracking i attach 1 clip of road footage and i also attach green screen allian video now just want to apply greeen screen allian on road footage pls see and explain me how to track road

While tracking the road here is entirely possible (just create a large shape on the ground which avoids the cars, the projection required to make that greenscreen work is going to be more difficult, because you’d be trying to project a front camera plane to the tracked ground, which will look wrong.

You could probably do this in Mocha Pro, as you’d be able to camera solve using two planes, but a single plane is still going to look strange, as the Alien is shot from a locked camera and the car video is moving in perspective.

thanks for help i understand