Mocha Roto behaviour in Silhouette

Is it possible to get the similar behavior of Mocha for adjusting shapes. In Mocha I only have to hold one key down to change modes and release to go back, this is really fast compared to Silhouette which requires extra keys to be pressed to go in and out of separate modes. for example to rotate a few selected points in Silhouette starting at from the reshape tool I have to press the “T” key twice then the “Q” key and then “R” key to go back, where as Mocha I just have to hold down the “W” key and then release, fast. I also really like the on screen widgets that Mocha has.

Note: Once in Transform Points mode (TT), you can press Ctrl/Cmd-drag a corner point to Rotate.

Which on-screen widgets in Mocha are you referring to? The on-screen controls in Silhouette can modify points and shapes in every way imaginable. However, certain transforms require a shortcut key in conjunction with a drag. See the user guide for more detail.

We have talked about having single editing tool in addition to the current Transform and Reshape tools. We’ll have to see when it can be added.

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Thanks for taking time to reply, appreciated.
A single tool would be really good!
The widgets I’m referring to are when you rotate “W” key for example you get a nice line showing the pivot point and an arc showing the amount of the rotation, and when scaling you get a similar visual helper. Hope that helps describe what I’m referring to.

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