Mocha shape data for AE not recognized

Once I have completed “track forwards” everything looks fine. I click on “export tracking data” on to clipboard and paste it successfully under a solid in ae and gat the rectangle moving correctly. The rectangle is here but unfortunately when I do the same, trying to export shape I have drawn with the pen, AE says “unrecognized format” with that screen

Idem when I try to save the mask layer and get a file named Layer 1.shape4ae
Then try to import it in AE and says file format not recognized.
What should I do ? Mocha version is 5.1.1 and AE is the latest, means CC 2019

Are you using the plugin or the standalone version?

Make sure you are on the absolute latest of both software.
For example, if you are on 5.1.1 now, you can update to v5.6.0.
Since you are on AE 2019, make sure you are on the very latest version of that (at time of writing, it was 16.0.1).

I am using both but composing on the standalone because ti is impossible to compose with plug-in installed in AE. Should it be working anyhow, I mean transferring shapes, with this old version 5.1.1. ?