Mocha shape go out of screen and big error

HI i im trying to track the iPhone screen and as you can see i almost finish,
The problem is that the shape layer move along with the surface (and i don’t want it because im doing Manual track)

The problem is that when it move out of screen or just move a lot i got this error that said :’‘unable to get surface in front of camera’’ and then i have to close the program and try again

what should i do?
There is a way to make the shape layer not move?

Yeah, this is a highly complex Track. There are hands and fingers around the iPhone. I’ve got to ask, what is your Ultimate goal?

I want to do a screen replace…
This is not hard
But work with this bugs is hard…

Sure, but if you don’t have enough trackable real estate MOCHA will complain. Bug, I think not. Limitations? Maybe.

There’s a few things to try here:

One, try tracking with GPU tracking turned off.
Then make sure your hands and any other occlusions in the shot are rotoscoped and put in the layers above the track to holdout the data from the track below.
Next, track with perspective, because the object is moving in perspective.
If that continues to cause problems try increasing your search area by turning off auto and doubling the numbers you have, or increasing the search area until you get better results. See if that works for you.

If you’ve done any retiming, make sure you are tracking on the original and not on retimed footage.

This isn’t a bug, this is just that it can’t find the next pixel pattern to track. So you need to give it the right parameters to look for and even so, if the movement is too quick, you may have to use manual track to hand animate the worst frames and continue tracking as normal where the phone moves at a slower speed.


im using all the time manual track

If you have to manual track the whole thing there isn’t enough texture data to track.