Mocha Shape Plugin Not found


I’m getting an AE CC “clip format error” when trying to export mocha shape data to AE. Everything was working fine and AE just starting acting up today while I was working on a project. The mocha shape plugin is under the Plug in - Effects - Imagineer directory, I’ve even reinstalled it when I started getting the error. I’ve also noticed that while I was able to paste mocha mask before I started getting the error, doing the standard “paste” to get the mocha shape effect stopped working. Any idea what’s going on?




Hi Ihab,

If you are working on the latest AE CC 2015 (2015.0.1), then the pasting problem is a known issue and Adobe is looking into it. Paste mocha Mask will still work as expected however.

The other error i’ve not seen before. When exactly do you see the “Clip format error”?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the quick reply. sorry I meant to type “clipboard format error”(After Effects error: invalid clipboard format). Well the strange thing is that after I deleted the Mocha AE folder, AE stopped recognising all the other Imagineer plugins(shape, 3D, and lens). Anyway I uninstalled AE and I’am reinstalling it now and will see if the error goes away.