Mocha shapes to Fusion (Problem with in/out points) (OFX)


I’ve been having problems when I do many roto shapes in mocha and copy them over to Fusion (as BlackMagic Fusion shapes (.comp)). The in/out points seem to get mixed up or paste incorrectly. My solution to this problem was to copy one shape at a time and everything seemed to be correct (but it took way to much time).

I also tried to save the file as .comp file and got this error when opening the file in Fusion:

The file could not be opened as a composition: [string “Composition”]:77: unexpected symbol near ‘,’

I was wondering if there was maybe some corrupted data or some shape that is messing up the file

Do you have any solutions?

Robert Dan

Yes, it sounds like your have a corrupted shape from the surface going behind the camera. Turn your surface tools on for your selected layers and look for one of the surfaces to disappear, that’s your bad shape. Retrack it without perspective and it should fix the issue.