Mocha spline doesn't track subjects movements

I’m using Mocha version that is included with Continuum 16.0.3 running Resolve as the Host Editor.
I have green screen footage and wanted to use Mocha to create an outside mask. So I launched Mocha, and using the magnetic layer tool I outlined my subject.

I then pressed the track key to play the content forward and noticed that at certain frames my tracked subject began drifting outside of the outline I created on the first frame.

Perhaps I’m using the tool incorrectly or don’t understand how this should be working. My expectation was that after outlining the subject and playing the key tracking forward that Mocha would retain the subject within the set outline but that isn’t happening.

Is there some other setting I should be considering to acquire the expected result? In tutorials I’ve observed, the outline of the subject shouldn’t have to be re-adjusted b/c they drift outside of the set boundary.

Hopefully I’ve accurately described the problem.

The magnetic tool is designed to just detect the edges of the subject on that specific frame to start work on rotoscoping.

Mocha’s tracking is planar, which focuses on the movement of patterns of pixels on a specific planar surface. This doesn’t track the edges of the subject, so organic movement will drift.
Mocha Pro (separate from Continuum) does have PowerMesh tracking which handles this better, but most rotoscoping will require manual adjustment as well as tracking.

However, if you’re just needing a garbage mask for keying, you can be much looser with the tracking and adjustment. We’d need to see the clip in question to advise on how to approach this.

Thank you. Your response has provided the explanation as to why I’m not getting the result that was expecting. Resolve tutorials for certain areas appear to be very few in number in comparison to Adobe and other platforms from what I’ve seen which makes it a little bit of a challenge for me to translate at times to my host editor.

But after reviewing your post I probably was viewing a tutorial for Mocha Pro and not Mocha as the plugin in Continuum. I didn’t realize there was that much of a difference. I’d love to have the more granular control that Mocha Pro offers but the cost of the investment unfortunately won’t justify the frequency that I’d need or use it.

Now that I understand I can continue with the mask with realization of the limitations in comparison with Mocha Pro. I should be fine.

On a side note, is Mocha Pro included within any of the other Boris FX products or is it only offered as stand alone? If it is inclusive with any of the other products I may be able to consider the purchase that way.

Thanks again

Mocha Pro is a plugin and a standalone application, but it also comes packaged as an OFX plugin inside Silhouette: Boris FX | Silhouette 2023

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