Mocha Terminated Getting fed up now I have 64 gig ram

Mocha built into latest AFx 2020.

Everytime i go to do a 2nd track for roto I get a terminated error, fed up of trying everything, including clearing cache. What can i do, I cannot finish a job like this.

Window 10
gtx 2080ti
64 gig ram
ssd x2
i900k processor

Error pops up:

Tracking Layer “head one” terminated prematureley grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The mocha folks might be away for the U.S. holiday.

You could try turning off GPU use to see the GPU is part of the problem.

Can you share a short clip, or screen shot, of the area where it’s failing? Including the entire Mocha UI would be helpful so we can see what settings you’re using.

We were indeed off for the Holiday. However, I agree, this sounds like a GPU issue. Did turning off your GPU processing fix the issue?


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