Mocha to AE - Editable Masks

Is there a way to import masks into AE that only have keyframes at the same frames they were made in Mocha?

For example, if I have a mask keyed at 1 and 100, Mocha seems to bake in all the frames in between. That does not allow me to practically edit them in After Effects.



Unfortunately not. There are number of reasons for this:

  1. We convert any x-splines to bezier splines and need to keep a 1-1 mapping of animation in the conversion
  2. If you have tracked any layer, tracking information is per-frame and the tracks have to be collapsed into the manual keyframes to maintain the correct movement.

In general it’s a lot quicker to keep doing all the roto tweaks in mocha then apply the final mask back in AE.

Makes sense. I work with a large group of people and we have a designated roto team. The current flow does not work well with a bigger team.

I suppose the simplest solution would for After Effects to implement X-Splines w/your math, interpolation and feathering paradigm.

Once it is implemented, it will be a third option - bezier, rotobezier, or X-Splines.

Then the round trip would be an elegant and 1-1.