Mocha to AE masks gone crazy


We are frequently having a bug where the mocha masks have points that go way off frame.

There seems to be a dotted white square in the corner of Mocha often when this problem occurs.

It is causing hours of work to be redone.

Any tips on how to fix this? We are on a big deadline so any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

This image demonstrates the problem -

If you are seeing strange results when you paste your shape data in, the track for that shape may have become corrupt. A good way to check this is to turn thesurface tool on and see if the surface tool does anything unexpected, like disappear. You may need to re-track the object.

If you using perspective when you track (or sometimes altering the surface tool to far in manual or adjust track), it may be that your surface is going behind thecamera in mocha and corrupting the data. In mocha, problem splines can occur when the tracking data has become so skewed it goes off or “behindcamera, the keyframes the tracking data generates can throw the shape information out of order. You may need to re-track the shape using only translation, scale, rotation, and shear instead of perspective. This is especially true for complex roto of an object that is turning away from screen or tracking an object that is turning.

Try retracking those shapes without perspective and trying again.


These tracks have no perspective track.

It occurs often. Is there any good way to avoid “track becoming corrupt”? There is a lot of work that is being lost.

Thank you,

Pay attention to the surface tool, if it’s disappearing, the shape is going to be corrupt. There’s either perspective on that track at some point, or adjust track, or manual track has been adjusted past the angle mocha can tolerate. That’s the best way to avoid having to redo any work. Hope that helps!


Thanks for feedback.

Unfortunately, the blue surface outline moves in a smooth predictable manner. It does not disappear.

None of these tracks have perspective checked as part of the track. And there is no adjust track as that is often a source of instability as well.

Can I send a file and have it evaluated? This happens to us everyday and is wasting hours of work.

Thank you,


I have figured out a work around which may possibly identify a bug.

I export a .shape4ae file andI manually remove the
“Effects mocha shape #1 Perspective X” and “Effects mocha shape #1 Perspective Y” values.

I do not know the inner workings of your format but I figured that info was unnecessary being that our track had perspective disabled.

I can still share the file or .shape4ae if you think it would be useful in eradicating this problem.

Thank you,

Oooops. That did not fix it.

My “paste” actually pasted it as an effect - not a mask.

That is kind of a work around but we find the “effect” to be very slow.

Any concrete solutions would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi Chris,

The shape effect occurs when you use Paste (as in CMD/Ctrl+V).
‘Paste mocha mask’ is a specific AE pasting action that creates native AE splines.
The shape effect will be slower as it is rendering matted results with edges, as opposed to just applying a mask. One benefit of using the effect is you can use mocha’s native per-point feathering, and it also doesn’t have to convert the X-splines to bezier.

Are you using X-Splines or Bezier splines inside mocha?

Please send us an example project file: martinb[at] and we can test the issue. The footage will not be necessary, just the mocha project file.

My guess is that you may have some points that are very close together and they are getting twisted on export. I will need to check the result to see.


I have sent the file to your email. I appreciate you having a look.