Mocha to nuke roto export

Hi, i’m using mocha 6.2.1 to roto and then I’m exporting the shape as “nuke 6.2 roto”, copying it and pasting into nuke which works fine.
The problem is, i’m then sending these nuke projects to my work, as i’m working remotely, and the roto nodes are coming up blank that i exported from nuke.
Nothing in them, no alpha, no shape, nothing.
I’m using nuke 6.2v1 at home, and they have 6.2v4 at work.
Anyone else had this issue of roto disappearing?

Hi Martin,
we figured it out. The guys at work were opening the nuke project in nuke 6.1.
When it’s opened in nuke 6.2, it works fine. Was just an issue with the older version of nuke.
Thanks for the speedy reply.

Hi durwood, I assume you mean 2.6.1, not 6.2.1?
Can you send me an example mocha and nuke file that is having the problem? You can send me a file to:
martinb[at]imagineersystems{dot} com.
I won’t need the footage. This is just to test the output.
The other option to test is to save the export file from mocha instead (rather than to the clipboard) and send that to work to see if they can import the saved node directly from mocha without any problems.

Great thanks for letting me know Darren. I hope the 6.2 export is working well for you!