Mocha track export Silhouette shapes, Silhouette shapes not following in Roto

Hi, I have this clip of a little blue car that use often to practice with,
I tracked it with Mocha Pro a long time ago & that all works fine
but export Silhouette shapes then importing into Silhouette Roto or Tracker doesn’t follow, neither does Stabalize, or any paint added (Standalone & plugin)
I’ve had Silhouette a while now & I’m sure i’ve had this working before, could you take a look at this clip & tell me what i’m doing wrong.

@Gid.Joiner What version of Silhouette are you using? What version of Mocha are you using?

I had to huddle for a minute with Ben to confirm this but it looks like the paint isn’t able to follow the tracking data, if there is any tracking data involved here. The linked data in Mocha doesn’t bake all of the tracking data into the matrix of linked layers. If you set the Paint Transform dropdown to your “track” layer you would see a better result.

Autopaint relies on accurate track data. Your linked roto shape isn’t giving you that, so you will need to track this properly to get the results you are looking for.

@marco The latest versions of both i believe


@maryp You’re right if i understand you,
In Mocha all my layers are linked to the one tracking layer at the bottom named trk

although they all move correctly in Silhouette & the timeline Transform Matrix makes it look like there’s data there it isn’t any use to paint or Stabilize. :man_shrugging:

@Gid.Joiner Can you provide a download link to the Mocha and Silhouette projects as well as the source clip so we can take a look?

Yep, i’ve put them in a Zip folder but I don’t know how to upload/share that, it says the file is too big to add on here?

Prob unrelated but UltraZap follows the saved Mocha trk no prob

& in Silhouette standalone with the same saved Mocha blue car track

Can you upload the projects and media to your Google drive or Dropbox and provide a link?

OK, never done this before

@Gid.Joiner This is a Mocha bug and I will report it to the Mocha team. Only the actual tracked layer is exported correctly. The linked layer’s shapes follow the track as expected, but adding a new shape does not. This bug was originally fixed for the tracked layer, but appears that the linked layer case was overlooked. Thanks for discovering the issue.

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You’re welcome, thankyou for your reply & for looking into it :+1:

The solution for now is to make sure the shapes are in the tracked layer in Mocha before exporting.

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