Mocha track on a bus (help!)

search in 040614979 (bus driving by)

I can place a logo on the back of the bus, but struggling with finding the right approach for the side.
I’ve been trying with the different settings including manual, but I need some pro advice (motionblur and reflections is not making it easier for a newbie) :slight_smile:

If the bus window reflections are a problem, I would do a tracking shape all around the edge, like this:

Keep a little bit of the window edge in the shape to give the plane some boundary.
Since the wheels are moving they usually don’t add a problem, but if they do it’s worth drawing a shape around the edges of the chassis anyway.

I would also check your search area values. If the bus is moving at speed, you might want to increase the Horizontal and Vertical range a bit and make the % pixels value quite high.

Just to add to Martin’s recommendations. On your first screenshot I see that you’ve selected to track Translation and scale only.
This might be a good choice for the sections when object is going out of screen (usually the beginning or the end of the shot), but for the most of the range try with the Perspective on.

Hi y’all,
I really tried a lot of settings now and I still end up with a result that can be described by a four letter word:-)
My “best” settings -see attached - are these.
feel free to try it if you get the time (just type in 040614979 in the search on
I must be doing something wrong - it should be fairly simple shouldn’t it?

Hi, I spent 10mins having a go, the Pond5 watermark is annoying & I didn’t spend much time masking the cars but tracking the bus wasn’t too hard,
This is a long way off perfect but with a bit of time & patience you should be able to get a half decent track,
You can move the spline around while tracking providing it’s on the same plane, I inc the back of the bus once it was visible which isn’t on the same plane :man_shrugging: a bit of Adjust Track would fix that :joy:

Thx for the time, I’ll dig into adjust track and give it a go. ( I think the watermark must be because of 4k download or something - I didn’t get it)