Mocha tracker not working with spot clone or beauty studio

I have tried to use the mocha tracker for the beauty studio but when I save the project and go back the mask is all back with no white even when I subtract the mask. I have followed a few tutorials on your site but can’t get it to work

And when using the mocha tracker for the spot clone and save the progect it has no effect on the BCC remove im not sure if I am missing a step?


Hi Chelsea,

What host and platform are you working with? And what version of Continuum are you using?


Hi Peter

Its with premier pro and the latest version I bought it last week


Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for that info. And are you on the Mac or Win platform?

I’m on a Mac

I just tried this on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 with the latest version of Premiere Pro and a build of Continuum that is unreleased (beta) and cannot reoro the issue - on my system it’s working exactly as it should. I’ll downgrade my Continuum software to the release version and see if I can reproduce the issue as it may be related to something that we just fixed and will be making available as maintenance release possibly later this week.

Hold tight - I’ll have more infor for you shortly.


Ok Chelsea, I just downgraded to the same version that you’re using and it’s working as expected for me. Can you please provide me with a sample project to reproduce the failure? You can send that to me at peterm @ and link to a google drive is preferable but other methods are fine too.

yeah sure will do that now thanks