Mocha Tracking for Resolve - Stop Gap

I know there have been several threads on this, and realize that Mocha Pro is not supported in Resolve for limitations of the OFX API. While presumably a proper fix will appear eventually, I was wondering if the in the meantime a stop gap may be feasible.

I am aware that MochaPro shapes can be imported into the Fusion tab, but that’s not quite as helpful as I would have to move some of the corrections into Fusion just to take advantage of Mocha tracking. For example if I work on a beauty campaign and just need a lip track or eye track, I really rather have that as a key in my regular node tree than exceptions in the fusion tab where they’re processed before any of the node tree is applied.

So here is the idea: The OFX filters like Beauty Studio have the Mocha Lite version integrated which works in Resolve just fine in terms of tracking. OFX plugins can export alpha channels (the option ‘use OFX alpha’ has to be clicked on the node). Currently the filters don’t seem to do that though.

So a stop gap measure would be a Mocha Lite OFX plugin that works similar to Beauty Studio, except the only option it has is to launch Mocha Lite and then export the shape as an alpha channel while simply passing through the RGB channels. That would allow those shapes to be used directly on that node (they supersede the Resolve windows and HSL key), and that alpha channel can also further be routed within the node tree to other nodes.

And for extra icing, that same OFX plugin could allow previously created shapes to be imported :slight_smile:

Right now I have to render out clips and create external mattes, which is a lot more time consuming.

And if cost is an issue this new OFX plugin could be tied to the Mocha Pro license, so only users with the standalone Pro license get to take advantage of it.

Hi Jan,

I will send this to our product manager as a feature request. That’s an interesting approach.

Thank you,

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