Mocha tracking for text in Vegas Pro?

I found this thread from a while back Using mocha tracking with text in Vegas Pro

But I’m hoping someone would have some suggestions for a VP user that would work with just Continuum and hopefully not involve custom track fx :slight_smile:

In my perfect world, I’d be able to apply mocha data to a Title Studio fx on the dozen clips where I’d like to add floating text.

I understand that doing this would probably be easier in AE but I’m still very green with using AE and I’ve got about a dozen clips that would have to be exported from VP, have text added and then re-imported to VP to finish out this project.

While I’m asking for the world, I’d like a pony. Or even better, a mini schnauzer puppy.

Vegas makes this trickier than most hosts because the only time an effect can reference two different layers at the same time in Vegas is when it is a applied as a Custom Compositing Mode. For tracked text you need access to both the text layer and the background layer at the same time, so Continuum’s Match Move and Corner Pin Studio filters are offered as Custom Compositing Mode effects which will let you apply the effect to the upper text track while motion tracking the underlying background track.

Note that Corner Pin Studio is also available as a standard effect in addition to the Custom Compositing Mode version. This gives you another approach but it is a two step process in Vegas. You can apply Corner Pin Studio to the background clip, do the motion tracking on the background, then Save/Export the Mocha project data to disk from within the Mocha UI. Then you can turn off that copy of Corner Pin Studio (which only served to do the tracking) and apply a second copy of Corner Pin Studio to the text track. In this second copy, launch Mocha and Merge/Open the previously saved track data. (Note in the soon to be released Continuum 2021 this process will become a bit easier since the Continuum level presets will now support saving/loading mocha data directly in the presets.)
At this time Match Move is not available as a normal effect in Vegas so this workflow is only possible with Corner Pin Studio. Perhaps Match Move should also be exposed as a standard effect in Vegas just for this purpose.


Why vegas doesn’t allow event fx to access other layers?

@DaveSuen That’s better asked of Magix.

Thanks @jclement

Is there a technical reason that the Title Studio plugin doesn’t have a mocha tracking section like many of the other fx? Or is it simply that it isn’t something the team has gotten to?

It’s the latter Michael - we’ve been planning on adding Mocha tracking to Title Studio for a while and hope to have that done for the next release.

Magix haven’t replied this. So I attempt to consult boris for this. After all, they have been good cooperators since long time ago.

Hello, did you boris guys communicate with magix about the problem of vegas that normal FX can’t access other layers. How did they respond.

Hello, did you boris guys communicate with magix about the problem of vegas that normal FX can’t access other layers. And what did they respond.

@DaveSuen Please don’t hijack this thread. This topic has nothing to do with those Vegas issues.


its been a couple of years tsince this post, has there been any movement on adding Mocha to Title Studio?

Hi There,

Thank you for reaching out about this - it’s something that remains on our radar and please know that while we do not currently have Mocha tracking in Title Studio that it’s something that we’re still committed to doing. I’ll see if there’s anything that we can do to expedite the feature request.


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Thanks Pete