Mocha tracking in Continuum (OFX) causes runaway memory


I noticed yesterday that when running Mocha within Continuum (OFX from VP17)'s Corner Pin Studio (added as track custom composite), and tracking, my system memory quickly climbs to the point of a full system crash.

I monitor using Windows Task Manager (Ctrl-Shift-Esc) and just see Memory going up-up-up!

I worked around the problem by closing mocha after a partial-track (frees memory) then going back in and continuing the track… eventually I got through enough for my needs.

Any tips on how to avoid this? It went from 30% memory usage to 70% after about 2 minutes of tracking (or less). System has 32 GB RAM.

If I manually move the tracking data points on the dope sheet, it also jumps from 30% utilization to 60% memory utilization almost instantly.

I’ve created a video demonstrating the problem. My apologies it is 8 minutes long – I did want to give the background.

What version of Continuum are you using? There were some fixes to host frame caching in Vegas with the Continuum 2021 v14.0.1 update that was recently released, so curious if that fixes the issue for you.