Mocha Tracking on a Stabilised Layer

Hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this as I’ve never quite worked it out. Is it possible to mocha track a shape when viewing through a stabilized layer? I’ve never been able to do it without the shape going a bit haywire.

I often apply a 4 point track (imported from Nuke) and apply to that a layer and view that stabilized to do roto on. (Generally this iscamera track data to stabilize the plate at a given depth)

Then I would like to be able to create another layer, draw a shape and then mocha track something that is moving independently from the camera within the stabilized view. Then when I turn off stabilized view the shape is good, tracked with both my original point tracks and then the mocha track on top and then any manual keyframes can be made.

Is this workflow possible in Silhouette or is there a specific layer hierarchy needed at all I’ve never realised?

Thanks guys.

Inside of your stabilized layer, create another layer and inside it, create the shape you want to use to drive the Mocha tracker. Your layers and shape should look like this:

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