Mocha tutorial pt1

ok So here it is, my first stab at a tutorial, Sorry for the crap website, Haven’t had time to delve into web design again, I’d recommended downloading it off the website and watching it offline, vs on the website.

enjoy, a real website may be coming soon, when i get off my butt or some one makes one for me…


Thank you for the tutorials, Aaron!

Your tutorials have what all the rest are missing. THE BASICS. This is a strange new concept, Thanks.

I’m waiting for the copy of Combustion 2008 to arrive. Are you using v2008 yet?

Thanks for the tutorials Aaron. Is is possible to have the movies presented in a larger aspect ratio? It would be great to be able to see the UI as you go over all of the features, etc.

Cool man. I’m glad to see someone throwing down some lessons.

I use Combustion so I would like to see workflow between compositors and stuff. But, whatever you throw out I will be watching for sure. I’m assuming you’ll be using this thread for all Tutorial updates?

No problem, More to come, and I promise, it will be better, and flow a lot nicer. This was my first stab at a pro app tut (done some others for some games and what not, but nothing like this)

Yea, i need to A, finish this one, and B, work on a few new ones. I’m just swamped. But hopefully my next tutorial should have some RED footage with it…

no I don’t think I will be upgradding, i like combustion and all, but I want to get up to the next level and to really try some new stuff, I’m going to be messing a lot with Nuke and Fusion soon, and using those. I really hate what autodesk has done to Combustion, or lack there of. It’s great software, but it could keep expanding Autodesk just doesn’t want too.

yea I’m waiting on a back ordered part for my new headset and then I’m going to make new ones, in which I will bring my display size down, and video size up. This should help a lot.

I’m going to start tapping that soon as well I have been working a lot with combustion lately so I will integrate that as well.

ok appended a new tutorial about transferring to combustion, it’s MUCH higher res and the audio is much better as well.

I just finished a big project I will be finishing up the first 2 tutorials as well as showing people how to use the ssf importer into Nuke and importing to shake