Mocha Tutorials Pt21 Megaplate not tracking properly?


New user and first-time writing. I will try to articulate the issue I’m running into as best as possible. I’m on the final chapter of the Mocha Pro tutorials chapter 21 on megaplates.

During the final process using the remove module, it appears as if my clean plate edited image isn’t getting tracked properly or isn’t as snug to my remove track as it should be for the effect to be working properly. It appears to be in place at times but doesn’t follow the movement properly. I’m not sure what the issue is because my remove track is linked to my background track.

Has anyone else gone through the tutorials and ran into this issue?

Thanks in advance

Open the “Edit…” button in the clean plate section and check the frame number. If it’s set to “All” change it to the frame number you created it from.

“All” literally means “Use this plate on all frames”.

Thank you for your reply! I really appreciate the help. It helped remedy one of the problems however I am noticing the mask looks as if it is slipping and it is not covering the area I have selected.

In the video tutorial, we are removing the painted white lines off of a road. I have my layers covering the white lines in my remove layer as well as my background but it appears as if the mask is slipping or not covering the area properly and I can see white lines peeking through. It seems like the megaplate is not sitting correctly or not being input correctly.

To further elaborate. I can see the megaplate shape in the distance of my remove layer over the painted white line. I attached some pics to show what I am trying to describe. I manipulated the remove layer in the picture to make it larger so the megaplate shape is more visible.

Any and all help is much appreciated. :slight_smile:
Thank you

I’d really need to see the project file you’ve tracked. It could be that the track itself is not completely accurate and has drifted, or that the megaplate is being read as a clean plate not a full-dimension megaplate.

The project folder with the media and project file inside.

Thanks! I can see some problem going on here. I’ll need to drill down into it to work out why the plate isn’t removing correctly.

Hmmm there’s definitely something odd going on with this. I’ll have to report to the dev team to check if you’ve discovered a bug with the current version!

Hi Martin,

I wanted to reach out to thank you again for your replies to my issue. I appreciate the support on the problem. Following up has there been any movement with the problem? Is it a bug or a corrupt file of some type?

Thanks in advance,

The good news is we’ve discovered where the problem is and will have a fix in a soon-to-be-released update.

Hi @nickeditsvideo. Please download the most recent update and you should now get the right result: Boris FX | Downloads