Mocha User Group @ Siggraph?

are you guys planning on some kind of event or presentation?

We are heading to Siggraph and will have a booth there if you’d like to stop by. Also, I am giving a remote presentation for the the AE Toronto user’s group on the 20th, and I am giving a remote presentation for the Cincinnati AE Users group as well this Thursday.
You can find out more of our events on our webpage here: Boris FX | Events and on facebook:
Hope that helps! Where are you located?

I’m about 30 miles north of Seattle, about 110 miles south of Vancouver.
Mostly just trying to figure out which days are the best to head up there.
Usually hit the mental ray, renderman, and maya user groups…
Not sure how the mental ray parties are, now that they’re owned by Nvidia. Although Nvidia did a great event a few years back. I think Autodesk is bailing this year on doing a UG.
Kinda just leaves Pixar. I won’t miss that.
You got any even parties on your schedule?