Mocha uses it's own internal avi reader or doesn't like YUV 4:2:0?

I tried to bring a MagicYUV YUV 4:2:0 encoded file into Mocha and it complained that the file was corrupted. It’s not. The file plays with vlc and windows media player but not the newer windows 10 “movies” app.

Is this a limitation in the Mocha reader?

Hi there,

That codec is not currently supported in Mocha, I believe. You can see our documentation for our supported file formats or see below…

Mocha supports most standard movie clip and image sequence formats. Note that some of the file formats and codecs below will vary depending on whether you have QuickTime or GStreamer selected in Preferences.

Movie clip formats

  • AVI files (.avi)
  • DV Stream files (.dv)
  • MP4 files (.mp4)
  • MPG files (.mpg)
  • QuickTime Movie files (.mov and .qt)
  • RED files (.r3d)
  • AVCHD files (.mts, .m2t, .m2ts)
  • Windows Media files (.wmv)
  • MKV files (.mkv)
  • MPEG movie files (.mpg, .m2v, .MPG)
  • MXF files (.mxf)

Warning Some clip formats such as MXF will use codecs that Mocha does not support.
In this case you may need to convert the clip to another format. See ‘What to Do if Mocha Does Not Support Your Footage’ below.
Image formats

  • OpenEXR files (.exr)
  • OpenEXR 2.0 files (.exr)
  • Cineon files (.cin)
  • DPX files (.dpx)
  • JPEG files (.jpg and .jpeg)
  • PNG files (.png)
  • SGI files (.bw, .iris, .rgb, .rgba and .sgi)
  • TGA files (.tga)
  • TIFF files (.tif and .TIFF)

Thank you @maryp it looks like the answer in this case was to switch to quicktime.

Are there any gotchas I might want to be aware of when using QT that aren’t mentioned in the docs you linked?

You have to usually set how often it keyframes every X frames, I usually just set that to one. That’s all I can think of. We aren’t really supporting ProRes until the next release, but soon.