Mocha VR - reorienting over long distance

There is a man walking through various rooms with a selfie 360° nikon keymission. How to handle the stabilisation in this case? Could so help me to figure out the stabilisation issues? Normally I have one, ore more tracking fields in my scene, which I can use, but what to do, when I change the location without cut?

You have to use a lot of overlapping tracks as close to the “horizon” or in this case, the middle of the scene, as possible. Then you must have all the gears on for these layers when you use the Reorient Module inside of mocha VR. It should take a bit to calculate, but it should help stabilize the shot significantly.

so i have a question @maryp, suppose i reoriented my 360 video but the horizon align fails to create a straight horizon line, what are my options for fixing this?
can i animate the horizon with the horizon orient options after render forward? just curious

You can use the manual controls to fix this OR you can use the horizon alignment tool inside the front view to arrange the reorient how you think it should real.

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great news, it worked, thank you so much for the suggestions, I seriously appreciate it

I am so glad to hear that!

actually, on second thought, the shot has been stabilized but the horizon is still wonky, is it possible that continuum vr can fix this after mocha VR?
unless my track is bad and i need to re-track

If the shot is stable but the horizon is positioned weirdly, then yes, the BCC reorient can fix it. If the horizon is wonky because of the motion, then re-track and re-stabilize.

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thanks for the suggestions, already re-tracking and stabilizing, apparently the original camera motion itself was wonky

Thank you @maryp for your help, i seriously appreciate it

Great! Happy to help. I am glad you are all set.