Mocha VR Roto bug / issue

I have been trying to roto a car, but I have this issue when I start adding keyframes, everything moves really weird.

Here is the link with screen shots.
Any one there have experienced this issue before? Thanks!

Hi there, I think this is a bug we have been working on. Let me poke @martinb to confirm. Part of the issue is the perspective shift, what version of Mocha are you on? Mocha VR is pretty out of date, and the latest Mocha Pro should have addressed some of the perspective shift issues.

Hi Mary,

My version is 8.0.2 build 95.g5f0e592f5c34
Build Date Feb 22 2021

OK, you’re using Mocha Pro. Good. Alright, I think this might be a bug then and we will investigate.

If you adjust using the transform tool instead of moving the points, do you see the same problem?

Also, can you tell me if the track is very long and moves a lot in perspective?

Hi Martin,

The shot is 9 seconds, it change the perspective
Here is the link of the video, if you want to take a look, thank you!

it starts like this

it finish like this

Hi Rodrigo,

Thanks for email through the footage. I’ll take a look on the support case you emailed us. If we figure out a solution with you on email, I’ll respond here as well afterwards.

Perfect, thank you!