Mocha vs Motor... Exporting finished clips

I’ve been playing with the demo version of Mocha, I used to use Motor at work. In Mocha can you export the actual Rotoscope? If I create a roto around a person to lift them out of scene, can I get that clip? Or am I forced to use another program to bring in Mattes and Tracking info?
In Motor you could export just the “person” out of the working clip with the background alpha so it could be used in compositing. Can Mocha do this? If not I’ll have to buy an old copy of Motor.
Thanks so much,

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the super fast response. I think you are missing what I’m asking for. It’s been a while since I used Moto but this is how it used to work for me. (Short Version)

  1. Import clip.
  2. Rough Track / Draw Splines
  3. Refine them
  4. Export a Quicktime movie of whatever was covered up with splines/mattes.
    Then I would get a QuickTime movie that had let’s say an Actor walking in it. It was video, not mattes or data, but the actual actor I had rotoed out.
    Then I would import it into my compositing program, click on the clip, set the alpha channel to straight and BAM I had just a video clip of an actor.
    In Mocha it seems like no matter what I export I get a black and white matte. Not the actual video of what I had rotoed. While I’m sure this is great, but it adds way more steps into my workflow than I want.
    Does this make sense? I just don’t see any menu choice that allows me to send out the image/video of what I rotoed, and not matte data or the black and white matte.
    I’ve watched several of your tutorials on this, and NONE show you exporting or rendering a movie out of the actual thing that was rotoscoped. They all show importing data into After Effects or Avid or whatnot in the form of shapes and mattes. Am I missing something obvious?
    Thanks again!

Hi Martin,
Thanks again for you super fast reply. I’m glad I wasn’t crazy, I was watching the tutorial, and I thought maybe it had been so long since I used Motor that it changed and morphed into something totally different in Mocha.
I’m looking forward to playing with the rest of my Demo time and buying the full version at the end of the month. Now I just have to get my boss on board with it! Once we get it, I’ll find out about get the 2.5.1 legacy version.
Thanks Again,
PS. Really loved Motor, it’s what I learned on.

Hi David,
Mocha does everything that motor could do and much more. Motor is no longer sold.
You can use mocha to export shape data via the “export shapes” menu option, or you can choose to render the shapes to file using “Export rendered shapes”.
Please refer to the manual and you will see the tracking and matte options.
Also look at the mocha intro tutorials here:

Hi David,
We used to have this option but removed it as the matte workflow was more useful to most users. This does add one more step to apply the track matte or use the pasted spline data, but it also allows for more flexibility.
If you would like to see it return we can look at reapplying it in a later version.
If you want to check it, it is still available in version 2.5.1: