Mocha, Vue and After Effects

I will explain what I am trying for an end result. Then ask for a path to get there.
I have my character walking against a greenscreen with the camera panning to follow. I have created a 3D background in Vue. I need to get the tracking/camera data from the footage to a camera in Vue so that the background moves in parallax with the live footage.
I have tracked in Mocha already and was able to import it into After Effects. I thought maybe I could stablize then export that info as camera data, or however the technique would be. However, I don’t see a way to export any tracking data from After Effects.
Vue accepts .ms, .rzml and .rz3, all of which I know nothing about and Mocha doesn’t export (unless in a different version). I have the bundled Mocha After Effects CS5.5.
Anyone see a way of doing this? Different version of Mocha perhaps?

Unfortunately unless Vue has a way to interpret the keyframe data from AE, then there presently isn’t really a way to do this from mocha AE.