Mocha will not track in Media Composer

I’m using Mocha Pro as a plugin in MC and I’ve tried drawing a simple rectangle X-spline around an Object and then hit track, but then all of a sudden the X-spline rectangle jumps completely off-screen even though the Object to be tracked is 100% visible and never blocked in the shot.

Any help please?


Try turning OFF your GPU tracking in Preferences, then close mocha and restart MC. You may also need to clear the mocha cache.

What is your graphics card?

Hi Martin,

Thanks, that worked! Was this information listed anywhere in the online manual? I did not come across it.

Thanks again!

Frankly it should NOT happen, but GPU issues can depend on graphics drivers, the type of card and so on.

Can you tell me your system and graphics card?

I see. My card is AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB.

I had this happen over the weekend. Can’t remember if it was stand alone or Nuke plugin.
CentOS 6.9
1070 nvidia card