Mocha woes in fusion studio

Hello I have experienced a few workflow problems recently on a shot using mocha pro OFX for fusion studio

  1. Matte clip sequence has really helped me solve the shot (making mattes with rotobrush in AE for use in mocha) but it quite buggy. often when i close and reopen mocha the matte is out of alignement or not working so i have to got the clips panel remove, readd then add to the layer. doesnt always work, then i have to remove, save close mocha, reopen mocha then reimport in clips tab the add to layer - then usually it works for that session and so on. annoying

1a. I noticed that if i go procy quarter eres or what ever proxy in fusion, then open my mocha project the clip scales accordingly but the mate clip does and will not scale so it doesnt line up and so i have to quite set fusion back to full res then open mocha reapply the mattes (refer to point 1 above).

  1. okay so i work for ages solving some tracks, use adjustments get it nice. quit mocha check in fusion with render clip overlay all works good. i need to do more tracks so i reopen mocha and hey - what are all the tracks i just done shaking and flying around the scene, no longer lined up?!?!?!. quit go back to fusion, they still render out fine go back to mocha - nope still not in place. now have to reset the surface positions etc on multiple different track surfaces. super annoying.

has anyone else experienced this behaviour. any fixes or suggestions?


Hi Jono,

These sound like bugs we need to bring to the attention of @martinb who is our Product Manager for Mocha. He will chime in here as he can.


Those matte issues definitely sound like functional bugs in Mocha. I’ll have someone investigate and we’ll schedule some fixes. Does your matte clip frame range match the project frame range? i.e do the frame numbers of the matte start at the same number as the project in point?

Proxy matte imports not downsizing sounds like an oversight on our part. We’ll check that out.

The second problem with rendering sounds like a cache or Fusion offset issue. I’ll need to see an example project because if it’s all fine then suddenly not fine, that’s something that must have changed at the host level. It’s hard to tell unless I have the Fusion project to investigate.

thanks. unfortunately, I would not be able to share this project - NDA.
but this isn’t the first time I experience the track positions changing so assume it’s a fusion mocha thing. btw the way after many attempts its now working again but if i close down fusion and reopen it will prob go off again.

if you can fix it would be great - if I was still under support that would be even better for me :smiley:

No worries on NDA. The following will be handy to help narrow it down:

  • The exact Fusion and Mocha version
  • The project and footage settings (size, frame rate, frame offset etc)
  • The Mocha log from the help menu.

Fusion stusio 17 version 17.4.4 build 5
Mocha pro plugin 2022 version 9.0.1 build 49.g18e5e8f59b54

project settings
no frame offset in mocha but the fusion comp starts at 1001
mocha (104.9 KB)

For a start, I’d recommend updating to Mocha Pro v9.0.3. There were numerous fixes in v9.0.2 and v9.0.3. I’d also recommend rendering your matte clips as sequences instead of a MOV clip.

As for the weird offset issues, we’ll need to QA some scenarios if we can’t get the specfic project file and see if we can reproduce the same problem.