Mocha won't import .mpg

I have the most recent version of Mocha for After Effects, I have all the drivers and codecs on my computer, I’m running Windows 7.
Every other file imports just fine, but not .mpg which is what i need. When I try to import, the box pops up with the directories, i choose my file, the box goes away and then nothing happens. The “Import File” box is still there and there’s no file selected. HELP.

By most recent, do you mean 2.6.0 or the one that is most recent with Adobe?
Does the MPG file open in QuickTime?

Does it open in QuickTime? If the MPG does not open in QuickTime it will not open in mocha. You need to make sure you have the supported codec inside QuickTime, or alternatively convert the footage.

Where is the MPG file coming from? Is it specifically MPG or MP4, MPEG etc?
We support most compressed formats that QuickTime can read (we use QuickTime to read in clip formats and our own system for reading in image sequences).

I downloaded the newest version of QT together with AE installation in may,2011 and it is already the newest. I will try it with other formats - but which is the supported QT codec and from where can I get it?
Thanks for help.

I also cannot import .mpg files. I use AE CS5.5 with mocha Quicktime Version, WIN7 64bit. In AE the .mpg file is running.
What is wrong?

I tested now some versions rendered (out of SONY VEGAS PRO 10d) with MainConcept MPEG2 to .mpg : not working, then with SONY AVC/MVC to *mp4 : working, and then with QickTime7 uncompressed : working, rendering uncompressed .avi: working.
So I must use other renderformats then I usually are using.
Thank you for support!