Mocha wont launch in AE 2020

If I click on the Mocha button in the effects panel, after effects acts as if mocha has opened (I can’t click on anything inside of after effeects) but Mocha doesnt actually open. If I ALT TAB I can see a plain white “mocha” window, but I can’t intereact with it.

I’ve tried reinstalling after effects twice.

Not sure what to do at this stage.


A couple of questions:

  1. What system and system version are you running
  2. Have you used Mocha in previous versions of After Effects?

Im using Windows 10 and I’m using the Mocha AE that comes with After Effects 2020.

I have used mocha before. In fact I was using on the project before it stopped working



I found if I unplug my second monitor, it’ll open properly.A frustrating work around but it’ll do for now

Ok definitely a bug then! It should definitely not hang or crash on a second monitor.

Can you try deleting your Mocha preferences?

Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Imagineer Systems Ltd in Regedit.exe and delete the Mocha AE entries.

Hey, just wanted to say thanks Finn, the second monitor was exactly my problem as well. Did all of the other things, cleared cache elements, reset preferences. Project i was working on before in AE started up on single monitor but then went to second, Then i moved to a new project and couldnt get anything to load up until i removed my second monitor. Might try another reset of preferences after getting through this comp, but was super surprised as well that it fixed the issue.