Mocha Works Fine with AE but on Nuke , the track shifts

Hi Mary ,

I have been struggling a lot with getting a logo tracked on the back of a person walking . I am greatly fluent with AE , but the problem arises when i try to do the same in Nuke which is kinda weird because even in the insert module the software works fine . It is just that it doesnt seem to work with nuke and it keeps drifting .

I even tried watching a lot of tutorials on imagineer website , and did exactly as instructed , made sure the frame rates are same in both the applications, resolution , pixel aspect ratios and everything else match up but still no solution .

Any help would be greatly appreciated .

Is the frame offset the same in the Nuke project? What frame does your project start on?

Thanks a lot Martin . the frame offset needed a “one frame forward” in nuke because of its system of beginning frame as 1 unlike mocha or AE where it is 0 .