Mocha4ae_adobe.exe has stopped working

I get this message every time I try and open Mocha AE in After Effects “mocha4ae_adobe.exe has stopped working”.

I have tried changing the REG DWORD to 1 as suggested and deleting the “Imagineer Systems Ltd” files as also suggested. Not to mention numerous re-installs and reboots.

Any other suggestions?

Let’s go through the usual culprits:

  • What version of After Effects is this? Please be specific and tell us the build number, not just the year version.
  • Can you please send us the log here: %localappdata%\BorisFX\mocha.log For most users this is going to be here: C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local

Version 22.5.0 (Build 53)
mocha log.txt (217.9 KB)

Any update? I updated all my drivers and reinstalled AE. Still having the same problem

Hi Maddy, sorry for the delay.

We suspect this is to do with the Intel GPU being the only available device, but since you’ve tried the original registry change, it might be a different problem.
Can you try installing this version of Mocha Pro and tell us if you get the same crash when launching it?

It will run unlicensed, but if it runs at all this helps us determine where the problem is.