MochaPro AVX Rendering Time

I am the finishing editor for a 10 episode UHD show for Netflix. I am attempting to use the MochaPro AVX Plugin to do paint-outs. A 10 second clip is saying it will take 12 hours to render.

As we have 10 x 1 hour episodes (actually 60 minutes each), that is a non-starter and we will have to go back to After Effects.

Can you help?

Hi there,

This sounds like your settings. If you have a million frames you’re trying to process, it’s going to time out on this sort of remove. You should adjust frames before and frames after to no more than 500, and you can adjust the step to 2 so it looks every other frame, you can also increase the step to up to 10 if you want it to be faster. The more frames you have mocha look at, the slower it will render.

Unless you need interpolate illumination modeling, you should turn that off.

You also should not have “blending” turned on.

Without seeing what your settings are, thats my best guess as to how to speed up your render.

Hey Mary! OK, will try that…


We are UHD 29.97p. How long should a 10 second clip take?



That is wholly dependent on the amount of pixels replaced in the remove, the length of the frames before and the frames after, the step, and the lighting modeling. You should count on 5-15 seconds per frame depending on the complexity of the shot if your settings are optimized.